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ValorConseilCalvados® is a design and engineering office in the innovative and high-tech sectors based on technology and analytical tools built on a Microsoft® solution.

ValorConseilCalvados® engineering, accompanies its clients in all phases of their developments, from conception to completion. Our experience of more than half a century, including the following: Design, Operation, Intellectual property, Regulations, Safety.

One of its expertises, professional design of custom-made autonomous mobile systems, IoRT robotics/ IoDT drones

  • stochastic measurement filtering built on a Microsoft-AI® solution;
  • robotics, space tracking, embedded systems on a Microsoft-AI®
  • solution;sensors, automatic, real time, data security built on a Microsoft® solution;
  • digital mobile communications and associated error probabilities;
  • Thermal engineering, tropicalization ;
  • digital electronics, on-board energy, hydrogen batteries, more powerful, more enduring ;
  • product industrialization (validation plan, production of industrialization files);
  • application integration built on a Microsoft-AI® solution,
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms built on a Microsoft® solution (IoRT, IoDT),
  • standardizations, legislation, conceptual patents, etc.

    ValorConseilCalvados®, UAV/drone Engineering Consultancy / Expert in UAV/drone safety and security

    Don’t hesitate to contact us ( +33 608330442

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